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Pool table room sizes guide in Westerville

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Pool Table Room Sizes in Westerville

Pool table dimensions are very important when deciding which billiard table to choose and also figure out if it fits in your game room. Having this information helps to price and schedule your pool table assembly.

Please consider the dimensions of the room where you want to have your pool table setup. The content contained herein lists the approximate pool table room sizes. This information will help you get more accurate quotes and/or help you choose the pool table that will perfectly fit in your game room.

We also recommend that you consider checking if there is a pool table repair to fix so that we are prepared and have the necessary materials.

Pool Table Sizes Guide Provided by SOLO® Billiard Table Movers of Westerville

The pool table movers SOLO® of Westerville put together this guide which not only is a great tool in getting accurate quotes but also you can be sure to find the perfect size of a pool table. Keep in mind the measurements were obtained using a standard 58” cue stick. Below you can see the informational guide.

7′ x 3 ½’ or 7-foot pool table

17′ x 13½’

8′ x 4′ or 8-foot pool table

18′ x 14′

9′ x 4 ½’or 9-foot pool table

19′ X 14½’

Pool Table Sizes Guide by SOLO® Billiard Table Movers in Westerville

Measure from the tip of the bumper to the tip of the bumper across the width of your pool table to find your table size. You can find the pool table room sizes required by determining what size your pool table is.

This is especially important when calling for pricing, refelting, or moving because this will change the estimation quote for both services.

Our installers will ask for pool table sizes to provide accurate quotes and availability

Pool Table Dimensions Guide courtesy of SOLO® Billiard Table Services of Westerville

Our billiard table installers have plenty of experience in the billiard table service industry. Therefore we can certainly help you take care of the pool table moves from start to finish, installations with perfect leveling, and pool table refelting during assembly.

Taking this into consideration, we ask that you have the pool table sizes handy for we need to know this information to provide quotes and availability. measure your game room dimensions, or you may also use the guide we have put together for your convenience.

Please consider the following question when thinking about your billiard table purchase, will it fit in my game room?

Once you have your pool table room dimensions, you also need to consider the furniture that you already have in the room or that you plan on adding to the room. The reason for this is that we need to know about any obstacles that may need to be moved when installing your pool table.

The dimensions of your game room will determine the size of the pool table you can purchase so that you can enjoy a comfortable playing experience.

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